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Integrity – Archs has a culture of honesty, trust and fairness, with a focus on meeting challenges and deliver on our promises.

The Archs Group have worked on construction projects across the Middle East and North Africa including:


  • 5 Accommodation buildings (1000m2)
  • Maintenance workshop (500m2)
  • Concrete yard (500m2)
  • Generator house (500m2)
  • Club house (500m2)
  • Swimming pool (250m2) and balance tank (50m2)
  • RO plant (250m2)
  • 2 water tank assembly and installation
  • 1 RO tank assembly and installation
  • Kitchen, restaurant and laundry (800m2)
  • Gate house (200mlm2)
  • Steel structure security tower (12 no) 10m2 each, 15m high
  • Sewage treatment plants (200m2)


  • 4 accommodation buildings (1000m2)
  • Maintenance workshop (300m2)
  • Club house (refurbishment of consisting building
  • Swimming pool (400m2)
  • Gate house (200m2)
  • Sewage treatment plants (200m2)


  • 6 story building (land area 4500m2)
  • 100 office flat 160m2
  • 100 once bedroom flat 160m2
  • Ground floor and first for commercial use
  • 2 basement underground floors to be used as garage
  • All consecution work done under ARCHS supervision