Providing safety and security in the most demanding environments.

Sur Al-Azez is an Iraqi owned security management and consultancy provider, with full operational oversight and management provided by former UK military and security specialists, with proven past performance in the planning, coordination, and execution of all manner of risk management and security projects.

Some of our Clients can be seen at the bottom of the Sur Al Aziz site; to give you an example of the services we provided to HLG and LO in Basra:

  • PSD security work to HLG Expat in Zubair for an EPC degasing station project awarded by ENI / IOC company for the period May 2013 to December 2015. Work involve security missions to company Expat between Basra airport, accommodation camp and work site.
  • Static and PSD work to LO Expat in Faw to provide by Private Security Provider as consultant to Leighton offshore, hereby known as EMPLOYER for operations undertaken in Iraq supporting the Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project (ICOEEP) for work on behalf of CLIENT, South Oil Company (SOC).  Work involve to provide static security to company camp on Faw, PSD security to company Expat between Basra airport, company camp and work site for the period May 2016 and on going.
  • Static security to company camp & PSD security Mission to PEG company for separation plants contract with MDIOC north of Baghdad for the period Feb 2015 to September 2016.
  • PSD security mission to PEG company in South Rumaila for the EPC contract for water separation plants with BP client for the period April 2016 and on going.

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